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US mid-terms: Congress may face deadlock

With voting over in the US mid-terms and the final polls nearly counted, Donald Trump is likely to have a different experience as he heads into the remaining two years of his presidency.

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Donald Trump is likely to face setbacks in and scrutiny of his presidency.

While votes are still being counted, the Democratic Party is well on track to take control of more than 30 seats and the majority in the House of Representatives. However, the Republican Party has already reached the required 51 seats in the Senate for a majority, with six polls still to be counted.

Trump had control of both chambers over the past two years, which allowed him to push forward his controversial tax, immigration and fiscal policies. Losing the House of Representatives puts up barriers for the remainder of his term and would grant powers to potentially open investigations into the president’s conduct and contact with the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, Theresa May told her Cabinet yesterday, 6 November she would not agree a Brexit deal “at any cost”. However, she said she had won partial backing for a compromise proposal on the Irish “backstop” to unlock Brexit negotiations. She also asked her Cabinet to clear their diaries for an emergency meeting within days, suggesting that negotiations may be moving faster than anticipated and that a deal could be agreed before the 21 November deadline.

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