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UK election: Swings, roundabouts and seesaws

Britain will go to the polls in under four weeks, but with Brexit still looming, Sterling is set for a volatile ride.

Centtrip: UK election: Swings, roundabouts and seesaws

The general election, an event that tends to cause a great deal of speculation and increased volatility for currency markets, is now less than four weeks away. However, with the Brexit situation still unresolved, market moves could be greater than usual this time round.

So how will the election affect your business?

Economists are forecasting up to 8 per cent swings in the value of Sterling, with some also suggesting a potential capital outflow until the result is announced. As with previous elections, we expect to see the most movement against the Dollar and the Euro, but all Sterling-based pairs are likely to be affected. Even this early in the campaign we have seen polls determine the movement in the market, with each poll released having a marked effect on the value of the Pound.

Are you looking to buy or sell Sterling over this period?

Why not ask a market expert to explore potential options and tools available to you, such as market orders that offer protection when markets are falling and help you benefit from growth when markets pick up.

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