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Third time lucky for Theresa?

On the day that the UK was scheduled to leave the EU, Theresa May will attempt to get her Brexit withdrawal agreement over the line at the third time of asking.

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Theresa May will today, 29 March ask UK Members of Parliament to vote for a third time on her Brexit withdrawal agreement. The key difference on todays vote over the previous two, is that this time MPs will only vote on the first half of the agreement, regarding the terms of the departure from the EU.

The Labour Party and the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland have both stated that they will be voting against the withdrawal agreement, so it appears unlikely that the Prime Minister will be able to overturn the 149-majority last time around, despite May offering to stand down if MPs pass her deal.

If the PM can win the vote today, Britain will be able to leave the EU with a deal on 22 May however, if she loses again it would appear that a long extension or no-deal Brexit would be the next possible outcomes.

Outside of Brexit, investors will watch out for UK Gross Domestic Product data released at 0930 GMT, for a guide to the health of the UK economy. Otherwise all eyes will remain focused on Westminster and todays vote, which is expected to take place around 1430 GMT.

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