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Smart and safe travels

Smart connected products are now commonplace and aim to simplify our lives. Packing can be the most stressful part of a planning a holiday or business trip. Bluesmart have designed a suitcase to try and take as much of the stress out of packing to leave you more time for things like getting to the airport on time.

The first useful feature of this product is the integral digital scales which means you can easily check the weight of your suitcase and not have to wonder if you have exceeded your allowed limits.

In today’s digital society everything portable requires charging at some point and the Bluesmart reduces the stress of trying to find a socket or adapter by letting you plug your devices into your case and be able to charge your devices up to six times on your journey.

Possibly the most innovative feature is the ability to be able to track your suitcase anywhere in the world by global sim card and should you be unlucky enough to find out your bag is not where you hoped it would be, you can put your mind at rest. It automatically locks itself when it leaves your side and this can be controlled by an app direct from your phone.

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