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Ronny on the Rand

Centtrip Finance Director, Ronny Munster recently took a trip to South Africa with his Centtrip Prepaid Mastercard®. These are a few of his thoughts upon his return.

So what was your experience using the Centtrip card in South Africa?

Using the Centtrip prepaid Mastercard in Cape town, and South Africa generally, was brilliant. First of all, every establishment accepted Mastercard so there was never any problem using the card. Whether you were going up Table Mountain in their spectacular cable car or going to a safari park seeing amazing wild animals just producing the smart black Centtrip prepaid Mastercard for any payments was a joy. Combine that with the fact that managing the card and moving money on and off the card was very easy because there was Wi-Fi everywhere, meant that I was always in control of how much I had to spend, how much was available and if I needed to top up the card all through the very easy-to-use phone app.

The other advantage of the Centtrip prepaid Mastercard, particularly with the pound weakening in weeks leading up to my holiday, was that I was able to monitor the Rand and buy at the right time. Whilst I was in South Africa the Rand went from 1.68 to 1.58 so I felt very smug whenever I was paying for anything knowing the Rands on my account were bought at 1.68 rather than what they were by the time I finished my trip.


So how did you spend differently this time compared to you would normally have spent abroad?

Previously I have used the combination of a credit card another prepaid currency card but I have always been irritated knowing that the rates you get are poor whether it is for a cash withdrawal, spending money in a restaurant, or even buying food in the supermarket you just know that you are being ripped off. I have always been aware of that even before using the Centtrip prepaid Mastercard so I felt confident about it, knowing that I had already purchased my Rand.

Did you have any problems using the product whilst you were away or anything you would change?

No, there were no problems using the card. However, it should be noted that the South African banks charge you an extra 50 Rand on top of the £1.60 fee when you withdraw cash but that applies to the entire banking network it doesn’t matter if it is a Centtrip prepaid Mastercard or someone else’s product. You just have to be aware of that.


Which features did you find the most useful?

One of the best features I found was being able to see your transactions in real time. It is always good to see what you are spending is accurately reflected. Also when you get to the end of your holiday not only do you have a record of what you spent, you have a really detailed accurate picture of where you have been. When we were in South Africa we visited a lot of different places and so I have both a record of the expenditure and more importantly the locations. So as I get older and forget where I have been I can now remember just by looking at the app and the transactions. It is also extremely useful for helping me sort out my photos.

Another great feature for peace of mind, because there are always security risks wherever you go, was being able to move money on and off the card via the app. This meant I knew that if anything did happen to my card the money was safely on my account.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Whilst in South Africa we stayed with friends of ours and because they have UK bank accounts they are able to have Centtrip prepaid Mastercards and they have actually been using them in South Africa in the past 2 years they have been living there. They both found using the card and the app to be just brilliant, their words not mine and have spread the word as far and as wide as possible.

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