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Be even more efficient with new Centtrip app features

Keep track of your day-to-day business expenditure more easily with Centtrip's new-look in-app transactions and features.

New Centtrip app features help you be even more efficient

At Centtrip we believe everything can be improved, so we have updated our award-winning app to make the best better. We have launched a couple of new features that will help you keep track of your day-to-day business expenditure more efficiently.


View more transactions, as well as more details for each of them, including the date, type and amount for each currency.

Centtrip new-look in-app transactions

Old look (l) vs new look (r).

Identify the type of transaction more easily with new and improved existing icons:

Centtrip app transaction details

Individual transaction view: old (l) vs new (r).


A simple yet extremely effective new tool is our new labelling function that enables you to search your transactions more easily. Simply, use available or create new labels online and on the app to categorise your expenses by projects, departments or events and better organise your transactions.

This new feature replaces hashtags and allows you to create as many categories as you need. Add a new category as you make a purchase or search existing labels to mark the transaction to easily identify it when running reconciliation either in real time or later on.

Centtrip app allows you to label transactions to categorise and reconcile your expenditure more easily.

Create new or use existing labels to categorise transactions.

To add or create new label:

Customise existing labels and re-use them for future transactions. Both account administrators and users can create, edit and use the same labels online and on the app.

You can also export labelled transactions from and import them into your accountancy package for reconciliation and reporting purposes.

All labels are included in any transaction reporting.


Upload or take photos of your receipts for safe and efficient recordkeeping for each card transaction, including a fully interactive map that shows the location of your purchase.


Take photos of receipts for real-time reconciliation.

Attachments are visible to admin users and can be viewed or downloaded from the web application.

Documents can also be added to any account or card transaction by administrators via the web application.

You can also share your transaction details as you go via email.


Share your transactions with your account administrator as you go.

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