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Modern Technologies to Change the Way You Travel

Modern Technologies to Change the Way You Travel

1. The Pilot

The Pilot is a real-time, in-ear translator device capable of instantly translating one language to another, during conversation. Set to launch this autumn, the Pilot will be able to translate between English, French, Italian and Spanish. The device is made up of two ear pieces: one for the speaker and one for the listener, and connects to an app to allow the pair to converse in different languages. The ear piece can also be used as a wireless earphone to listen to music.

2. Shelfpack

Perfect for those highly organised individuals out there, the Shelfpack suitcase has four internally built shelf levels to help separate and organise your clothing and accessories. It also features some handy side pouches for smaller items. Although on the heavier side, the suitcase is ideal for road trips and even home storage. It’s basically a portable closet.

3. Ostrich Pillow


As unusual as this accessory looks, its design is actually exceptionally innovative. This sleeping pillow pod is intended to help travellers with jet-lag by providing them with a convenient way to take a quick nap. It designed to completely immerse you in total silence, block out all light and provide a soft, plush environment to help you feel refreshed after your nap.

4. Onyx Group Communication System

Onyx is a 21st take on the Walkie-Talkie, and enables direct communication between groups via a discrete speaker than clips onto your clothing. The device connects to your smartphone and relies on data connection. An ideal gadget for families or large groups travelling together, to allow for easy communication while your phone stays safe in your pocket.


This new mobile application makes navigating around foreign cities much easier. The app offers live departure and arrival times, station maps, schedules and service alerts in over 500 cities worldwide. Information from local public transport agencies is combined with information provided from other riders around the city to provide up-to-date information to all individuals.

6. Luminette

Luminette is a portable travel headset that uses light therapy to help the frequent traveller with jet-lag. Although light therapy technology has been around for a while, it is not until very recently that a portable device was invented. Ideal for business travellers who travel regularly and need to fight jet-lag for early morning meetings.

7. Virtual Reality


Perhaps one of the most revolutionary technologies to arise this year are the virtual reality devices that are advancing immensely. Virtual reality headsets enable people to travel to any destination they wish with the click of a button. The technology has yet to be implemented into common travel, however its potential is exciting. Envision virtual reality story-telling: tourists could be taken on a journey to the past in popular historic sites around the world and see places how they used to be in the past, while listening to smart avatar who explains its history. Today, virtual reality is being used by NASA to help astronauts with their mental and physical health by allowing them to embark on stimulating journeys, such as swimming in coral reefs and visiting art galleries, while they are on lengthy space missions.

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