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Measure twice, cut once?

All eyes are on the Federal Reserve’s latest monetary policy meeting for signs of a further interest rate cut.

Centtrip: Measure twice, cut once?

The minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest monetary policy meeting will shine light on whether further interest rate changes are in sight or whether the latest “insurance” cuts will be enough to shield against future downward economic trends.

19:00 (GMT) – US FOMC minutes for October

While the minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) meeting in October are unlikely to provide information on the Fed’s future interest rate decisions, they will add colour to the latest – and already the third this year – cut.

Two FOMC members voted against the latest cut, which Fed Chair Jerome Powell previously described as an insurance policy against further downward economic trends. With “phase one” of the US-Chinese trade agreement still to be signed, US economic growth remains at risk, especially as President Donald Trump shows little intention of rolling back tariffs already in place.

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