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May attempts to push her Brexit deal one last time

One day to go until the UK Parliament will make a decision on May's Brexit withdrawal agreement and tries to prevent a no-deal outcome.

Centtrip: Investors look to Eurozone data amid dreary UK politics

Theresa May will today make a last-ditch attempt to convince MPs her Brexit withdrawal agreement is better than risking crashing out of the European Union without a deal. The polls have suggested that the UK prime minister could lose the meaningful vote tomorrow, 15 January by more than 200. Then she will only have three days to present an alternative plan to Parliament.

Over the weekend, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn ramped up pressure on May, having pledged the opposition party will re-call a no-confidence motion in the government “soon”. Some believe this could happen as soon as next week.

Meanwhile, Brussels is expecting Britain will ask to extend Article 50 until at least July after concluding that May’s Brexit deal is doomed to be rejected by the UK Parliament.

Across the Atlantic, the US 23-day government shutdown is now officially the longest in history as nearly 800,000 federal workers remained without pay. A meeting between US president Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, broke down on Friday, 11 January. Pelosi said she would not back Trump’s wall, even if he reopened the government.

Overnight, data from China showed that exports fell by 4.4 per cent year on year in December, missing expectations of a 3 per cent rise. These figures show the negative impact of the US-Chinese trade tensions, highlighting fears of a global slowdown in 2019.

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