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Innovation that keeps your luggage safe

Misplaced or lost luggage is something we all dread when going away. Be it business or pleasure, losing one’s suitcase is never ideal. Last year missing bags cost the airline industry $2.3 billion and in the USA the majority of airports have their own auction houses. The Unclaimed Baggage Centre in Alabama receives 800,000 visitors each year and is, unbelievably, the biggest tourist attraction in the state.

            Such is the size of the problem, many companies are trying to minimise the chance of losing your luggage with innovative solutions. These solutions are often quite expensive and complicated but one company, TRACE ME Luggage Tracker LTD, has created a simple and inexpensive way to keep your bags safe: costing just £12.50, the TRACE ME tag allows your bag to be traced within airports and airline systems all around the world.

            Once you have purchased your tag, you simply register the unique serial number online and you’re ready to go. It has no batteries or moving parts so, unlike its more luxurious competitors, it’s unlikely to go wrong.

            Should your bag be lost, the airline will find the TRACE ME tag and report it back to the company who will then contact you by both email and text message to let you know where your bag is. It may not be a complicated or glamorous piece of technology, but it certainly works and it will save you a great deal of hassle.

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