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Is the UK punching beneath its weight when it comes to fintech?

The UK, and London in particular, has established itself as the world’s most important hub for fintech and an incubator of ideas, talent and capital. We must, therefore, ensure it retains its pre-eminence regardless of what Brexit brings.

Centtrip makes its second home in Amsterdam

Glance at the most recent statistics and you would conclude that everything is rosy in London. Scratch a little deeper, however, and you will find that many unknowns of Brexit are already casting a shadow over the sector.

London is under threat on numerous fronts. With many fintechs based in the capital seeking to serve a global audience, some will probably move part, if not all, of their operations to alternate hubs with greater political stability and clearer trade rules.

A number of competitors are already seeking to take business from London. In Europe, Berlin has thrown its hat into the ring in a bid to replace London as the post-Brexit fintech capital, while Singapore is also developing a vibrant fintech scene.

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