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Ignoring FX risk will not make it go away

The current environment for FX management for corporate treasurers is challenging to say the least. We look at the main drivers and the risks and opportunities potentially emerging from this environment.

Centtrip: Ignoring FX risk will not make it go away

With escalating geopolitical tensions between Washington and Beijing, and rising uncertainty over Brexit, the current environment for FX management is unpredictable and volatile. And certainly, politically charged. One of the main challenges for corporate treasurers in the current landscape is maintaining visibility and access to as much data and insight on market moves as possible.

Being able to do this will give corporate treasurers a clearer picture of their company’s position in terms of cash liquidity, currency exposure, payments efficiency and other risks, says Jim Warner, Director of Operations at Centtrip, a global payments, treasury and FX fintech. It will also enable them to make more informed strategic decisions at all levels, not just by the management team and board members, when it comes to leading the company forward.

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