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Have we reached peak fintech?

As the fintech market becomes saturated, and there is less and less differentiating brands in the same sector, the industry is entering a new era.

Centtrip: Raconteur Future of Fintech 2019 special Sunday Times report

You could fill a few decent sized football stadiums with the number of people now working in the global fintech market. The cacophony of supporters has reached fever pitch. There are more than 10,000 startups# chanting the cause, scrambling for the goal of cash and customers. Some in the industry say it’s overheated, if not overcrowded. This raises the question: are we reaching peak fintech?

Is the fintech market getting too crowded?

In the first half of this year, $38 billion was invested in fintech globally, more than the GDP of Tunisia, according to KPMG. A lot more investment is expected, but the mad frenzy of early-day, first-mover advantage and easy cash from a hyped-up, frothy investment cycle may be waning.

“Venture capital (VC) is now getting tighter, which is raising the level of rigour necessary for a company to get financed. This is a good thing because it’ll help select the more viable ideas and platforms,” explains David Shrier, director of the Oxford fintech programme at Saïd Business School.


Peak fintech is probably far off because much still needs to change. There’s still a lot to digitalise in every facet of the industry. “When you look at the life of, say, a corporate treasurer in even the largest organisations, it’s shocking to see how much of their daily life is manual and mundane. Data-driven automation will change that, eventually,” Centtrip’s Ms Turner concludes.”

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