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Make hundreds of payments with one click

Centtrip's ‘Batch Payments’ feature helps corporate clients pay multiple recipients quickly and efficiently.

Gone are the days of making frequent payments, such as payroll or expenses, one by one and re-entering the same information every time. Not only does it cost you time, but it also poses the risk of paying the wrong amount of money or even the wrong recipient.

“Automation is the key to having successful and efficient operations,” said Viet Lee, Head of Engineering at Centtrip. “This feature is a huge step forward in that direction.”

Set up a dedicated batch to pay multiple recipients in any currency via a bank transfer or CenttripNow for instant payments using a simple Excel or CSV template. Once filled in, upload it to your Centtrip account within seconds.

You can also upload your existing recipients’ bank details to Centtrip using a corresponding Excel or CSV template.

Create a batch 

Follow these seven steps to set up your first batch or request a demo with one of our experts to show you the feature in action today:

  1. Log in to your Centtrip account
  2. Head to ‘Payments’ in the toolbar
  3. Select ‘Create Batch’
  4. Fill in a pre-built Excel or CSV file
  5. Upload it to your Centtrip account
  6. Review and edit, if needed
  7. Submit the batch.

When filling in the template, add a new row with the recipient’s nickname set up earlier, the currency, the amount, a reason and a reference for each payment. If you are paying directly to a Centtrip card, simply enter the cardholder’s ID.

Once uploaded, you can double-check the payment details on the Centtrip account and view your running balance inclusive of the transactions in the batch.

Match a batch

You can also integrate your treasury system data with your Centtrip account.

If you use Xero, Sage, SAP, Oracle or other mainstream systems, you can export an Excel or CSV file and match it with a Centtrip template. You can also export data from Centtrip to upload it back to your treasury system.

“If your company is looking to save on bank fees and run smart and efficient accounting processes, then this is a perfect solution for you,” said Ronny Munster, Financial Director at Centtrip. “This new feature is all about efficiency.”

Coming up

We have more developments lined up to enable complete integration with your existing accounting and treasury systems for even more efficiency.

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