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Centtrip predicts potential currency fluctuations as UK heads to the polls

How the currency markets might react to any of the three possible outcomes of the UK general election.

Centtrip: Boris sets out Tory stall, while Trump strikes tentative deal

Financial technology company Centtrip has revealed its predictions for how the currency market might react to any of the three possible electoral outcomes of the UK’s first December General Election since 1923, taking place today (December 12).

Volatility in the foreign exchange (FX) markets can have a significant effect on the music industry, which in turn may have a major influence on sectors such as live touring income, royalty payments and other areas of the business.

Artist managers, promoters, accountancy departments and others are closely monitoring the vote and deciding on how to mitigate their risk in the event of sterling fluctuating by as much as a predicted 10%.

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