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Centtrip Music to celebrate industry’s unsung heroes

We have partnered with Music Business UK to acknowledge the hidden talent behind the industry's music talent in Britain.

Centtrip Music reaches 500 client milestone


The music industry in Britain is full of hidden talent.

Among them are the lawyers and accountants who help artists and their representatives crunch numbers, make sense of complicated legal contracts and ensure they are getting a fair deal – and we want to acknowledge them.

That is why Centtrip Music has partnered with Music Business Worldwide’s quarterly magazine Music Business UK to launch the Legal & Accountancy 50 list. This inaugural annual recognition celebrates the overlooked heroes of the music industry.

“Accountants and lawyers play a key role in the success of artists and their managers,” said Tony North, CEO of Centtrip Music, which was created to make global payments and currency services more efficient and transparent without a big price tag for the music industry. “And the Legal & Accountancy 50 is the perfect way to give the recognition they so deserve.”

The Legal & Accountancy 50

A panel of over 75 of the UK’s most influential artist managers, as well as long-standing financial and legal leaders, will cast their votes for individuals based on their contribution and performance over the past 12 months.

The 50 finest lawyers and accountants will feature in an A–Z almanac, which will be published in May. An essential guide for artists and managers looking to work with the best in the business, it will contain all key details of each company our top 50 work for.

“The almanac will be a fantastic resource full of insight on those who are at the top of their game. And I am very pleased Music Business Worldwide agrees with us,” said Tony.

More than 1,100 music businesses across the UK and beyond will receive a copy of the Legal & Accountancy 50 almanac. It will also be available in a digital format on the Music Business Worldwide website.

“Artist managers will have something to turn to when they search for the gold standard in legal and accountancy professions,” said Tim Ingham, founder of Music Business UK.

Email Music Business Worldwide by 30 March to request a copy of the Legal & Accountancy 50 almanac.

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