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Make instant payments with CenttripNow

In business, timing is everything. We understand the importance of maintaining healthy cash flows and meeting critical deadlines.

Bosses ‘don’t place enough value on technology’

That is why we have developed a new way for Centtrip clients to make unlimited payments in up to 15 currencies within seconds across the globe. Sent and received in real time, the funds are instantly visible and ready for use in the recipient’s Centtrip account.

Changing Status Quo

Many companies still choose to pay a premium to their banks for international payments. Add to this currency fluctuations, banking hours, time zones, payment caps and the risk of delayed or lost payments and what should be a free and fast payment quickly becomes expensive and frustrating.

Imagine you need to pay one of your suppliers urgently. As it stands, you should be prepared to face a high fee to make the transaction and wait up to three days, as some currencies take time to clear and depend on the timing of the transaction.

Here is a typical journey of your funds:

Payment initiation -> payer bank processing -> clearing and settlement -> payee bank processing -> payment received.

“Our clients drive our development – we design all our products and services to meet their specific needs and help them achieve growth in a smarter and more cost-effective way,”  said Brian Jamieson, co-founder and CEO of Centtrip. “CenttripNow is no exception. Becoming a Centtrip client means you can connect across your business network more efficiently and forge stronger long-term relationships.”

Think CenttripNow

CenttripNow solves all these problems. Opening a Centtrip multi-currency account is quick and simple. With access to 15 deposit currencies from day one, we make it easy, fast and safe to do business within the Centtrip network.

Centtrip’s fully regulated and state-of-the-art financial technology provides a host of ground-breaking treasury-management and payments services and offers deliverable foreign-exchange at live rates for 150 currencies. Along with our multi-currency Mastercard®, we give you total control of your finances online and on our app anywhere in the world.

With Centtrip, your company can discover a world of opportunities.

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