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Centtrip adds USD and EUR to card base currencies

In response to existing clients’ request, we have developed our card proposition and added alternative base-currency functionality.

Centtrip adds USD and EUR to card base currencies

At Centtrip, we strive to continuously develop our products and expand our services to provide the value and results you and your business are after.

We are pleased to announce that our corporate clients can now request Centtrip cards with either Euros or US Dollars, in addition to British Pounds, as the base currency. You can choose your preferred base currency at the time of ordering cards. You can have a mix of different base-currency cards associated with your account.

Basic benefits

All card-related fees used to be applied in British Pounds. Now they will be shown in your chosen base currency, avoiding the need for currency conversion and making your statements clearer.

This new functionality will save you even more time when reconciling card expenditure, making reporting as efficient as possible.

Client collaboration

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships through in-depth understanding and collaboration with all our clients.

“Our corporate clients love our multi-currency cards and over the past six months we had a huge demand for a different base currency for simplicity and flexibility,” said Jim Warner, Director of Operations at Centtrip. “We are confident with this new addition our corporate clients can control the way they spend and see their expenditure for ultimate convenience.”

Earlier this month, we introduced a ‘Batch Payment’ feature that helps corporate clients pay multiple recipients in one go.

Adding alternative base-currency cards is easy and takes seconds. Email to request yours today.

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